Monday, July 28, 2008

Trimming and Final Paint

Okay. Now it's time to trim.

Hopefully, if you have come this far, this isn't your first trimming project. If it is, well, be patient. I am going to start this section with tips vs. a step by step process of how to trim.

TIP #1. You can cut it too long every time. You can only cut it short once. Fudge to the big side and re-trim after test fitting.

TIP #2. Use finish nails sparingly, but don't go so light with them that trim can "separate" from work. You will have to fill ever nail hole and if you have already filled the plywood, you know how much fun THAT is...So, secure it and stop.

TIP #3. When doing the crown trim stops, and you have it cut to the perfect length, cut the associated Cove trim that butts up to the stop. You will save yourself a trim trip due to the fact that you can cut precisely what you need.

TIP #4. If you do cut it too short, all is not lost. If there isn't another spot you can use the piece, or it was getting very specific, install it. Caulk the open spot. The naked eye won't see your "faux pas" from 3 feet. Believe me, it will still look great.

TIP #5. When you are cutting the 67.5 degree cuts for the interior triangles pieces that need to mitered, build a jig for miter saw. This will save some time and allow you to make precise cuts quicker and more accurately.

TIP #6. I didn't have a lot of coping saw cuts to make (In fact, I didn't have any - all my cuts were opposing angles) but if you do, remember to cut the angle and cope the un-needed portion away by following the cut line.

TIP #7. Patience. Take your time. This is where the effort really starts to pay off. If you can make this look good, everyone will notice....

TIP #8. Trim done? Start caulking and filling all those finish nail holes. There are multiple types of caulk sticks on the market that will make this job easier. I use the gun with the smallest hole I can make on the tip. Then, I use a finger and paper towel to smooth and get rid of the excess.

TIP #9. Start final painting - TRIM FIRST. Why? The trim will be easier to wipe off the base color due to it's gloss finish. Also, it you are painting a darker bae color, any white you get on the base will cover in one coat.

TIP #10. TAKE YOUR TIME. It's getting near the end now.....

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