Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Ideas Are Getting Bigger

After an evening of taking stock and trying to figure out EXACTLY what we wanted, Eann and I were able to determine the following facts:
1. Two sinks in the bathroom should be an ESSENTIAL.
2. No one had taken a bath in that particular bathroom for the better part of 3 years.

3. We had another bathroom in the house that had a tub and our master bath also had a tub.

4. Was a tub necessary with two girls that were now showering?

Upon further review, the room wasn't as big as I thought it was. The overall width is only 71" and the overall length was about 92" with the step wall where the bath faucet plumbing is contained at 36" by about 12". Here's a quick floor plan:

Building the Budget

Neo Shower - Kits or Do it Yourself?

So, it was decided to look at designs that included a neo shower in one corner of the room in addition to a double vanity - sink combination. Based on that, the options are somewhat limited, but we could certainly put in a neo-shower kit as shown below:

Price: $2,033
American Bath Factory Custom Shower Kit
System Includes Shower Walls, Frameless Glass, Door, Pan with Built-In Drain, Designer Faucet with Hand Shower, and Hardware.
Neo Angle Showers are not completely frameless; Features header along the top edge.
Showers come in Medium Sistine Stone with Dark Accents; Stone coloration may vary slightly.
Neo Cut will be in the Center; Faucet and Accent Panel will be on the Right Wall (P21-2017) or Left Wall (P21-2018).
Features Center Drain
Optional Accessories:
Body Sprays
Shampoo Shelf.
Faucet and Accessories are not pre-installed on shower panels.
Freight Shipping Included within the Continental U.S.
Click here for warranty details
Width: 36"
Length: 36"
Height: 86"
Glass Thickness: 3/8"

This is a 36" by 36" design that would fit into the current configuration of where the tub is and the toilet would fit adjacent to that and still allow plenty of clearance for easy ingress and egress to the shower. A kit like is relatively attractive, but does not necessarily match the tile you may choose to go with the overall room. The other option is to either

a. Build your own pan with a liner and curbs that are custom to your space (I don't "NEED" to do this, but depending on what tile is selected, it may become necessary.

b. Buy an acrylic pan and build your neo-shower doors and install the tile and hardwared according to your tastes and design specifications.

By the time you add glass, faucets, and other plumbing, it's more or less going to be a wash on cost. So figure $2,000 for the shower enclosure with all the hardware.

Yet another thought (by me - but I am SURE would get a lot of support) based on whether or not the budget would allow it, but I am sure it would get used by two girls that get colds and want to "take a steam" would be a shower-steamer option sold as a single unit assembly:

This is an integrated unit with a multiple shower heads, a seat and steamer all built right into the unit. However, at $2,500, it's approaching what I had budgeted on the low side for the remodel - not that I believed I could actually do this bathroom for $3,000. But I had envisioned getting out for under $4,000, fully knowing that any upgrades would probably exceed that number. With this type of addition, you would need to extend that up into the $5,000 range.

Sheesh....What am I getting myself into?

Final Shower Budget - $2,000 to $2,500. CHEAP - $1,500.

Vanity, Counter, Sink and Faucet Budget

I can probably do this one from memory, but for some images and ball park figures, I have attached the following and made links to supporting websites in order to browse the selections for other options:

Faucets from Classic for $169

So, figure in another $2,000 to $2,200 for the vanity-sink-counter-faucet combo.


This one feature can vary per your tastes and usage. But, assuming we do some wall work, which I am sure we will, we are probably looking at 200-250 square feet at around $3-$4 a square foot, installed. So, doing the math we have about $800 - $1,000 for tile.

Lighting: $200 and No More

Toilet: Can you spend more than $200 on a toilet? Really? I don't think so....

When you add it all up:

Shower: Low: $1,500 High: $2,500

Vanity-Counter-Sink- Faucets: Low: $2,000 High $2,500

Tile: Low $800 High: $1,000

Toilet: $200

Lighting: $200

Grand Total: $4,700 to $5,900, give or take.....